We're a small business located in Bedford VA. We make all the woodenware and bees locally that we sell.

Contact antony.trupe@gmail.com to order.


Complete Hive

$140 including tax
Includes assembled painted bottom board, entrance reducer, 3 assembled painted mediums with assembled frames, assembled inner cover, and assembled painted telescoping outer cover.

Medium Nuc Hive

$50 including tax
Includes nuc bottom board, entrance reducer, 4 frame box, frames, nuc inner cover and nuc telescoping outer cover. Does not include bees.

Hive parts

Medium box with frames, assembled

$30 including tax
Assembled and painted with assembled frames. Frames are solid top bar, and do not include foundation.

Telescoping Cover

$25 including tax

Inner Cover

$5 including tax

Telescoping Cover and Inner Cover

$30 including tax

Bottom Board with Entrance Reducer

$20 including tax

We also sell nucleus colonies.